Trading AAP, GM, HAL – 17092017

Written by schattenmann

AAP was assigned for the second time now @ 130 which means that my average price is @ 120 with this stock. My 90 put is still in the market and it is a loosing trade for now, which is still within my parameters. No trader likes loosing but no trader can avoid that. If i have loosing positions like AAP in my books i do the same thing over and over again: i check my plan, i check technicals, i check fundamentals. Then i ask myself: did i made something wrong with that trade? Is the trade still valid? If the first question is answered with yes, i am absolutely ok with the loss, because i personally did not made a mistake. With AAP the fundamentals and technicals are looking better now, although the dividend yield is not exciting. From fundamental perspective this stock seem to be little undervalued and we should watch furhter price action closely.

GM was bought back with profit as well as HAL. HAL i got assigned @ 42,50 and with all the premium i collected i am in profit with that trade. But again i checked fundamentals and technicals with this stock and i put HAL on my watchlist and this stock will stay under review. We do not know where the oil price will go and the fundamentals showing a mixed picture. Sometimes it is better to take a small profit, at least if there is no cristal clear picture, like for me now with HAL.

The general market (SPY) made a new all time high, valuations still stay high, no idea where it will go. I am managing my long portfolio and will add more KR and GE next week. Still saying hedged with SPY short but time will tell the story.

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