Trading AAP, GWW – 10122017

Written by schattenmann

Last week i had only 2 trades. The last AAP option was bought back with profit and reducing little the loss of the whole position. The trade was a loosing one, the stock position was closed a couple of weeks ago.

GWW is doing well and reached my target 1. I have taken out 25 % of my initial position and realized some profits.

Market is closing near ATHs and remain super bullish. Last week we had some remarkable OEX PCR ratios, one day above 3. Valuations are super high and the stock prices are decoupled from real economic development. As long as people (or central banks) are willing to buy more and more, prices will go up but till when? This is the big question but i am sure that market will give us some hints and clues. Staying long with my portfolio with some hedges in the SPY (short) and waiting to recognize hints and clues, time will tell.

aap-10122017 gww-10122017 trades-10122017

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