Trading ADI, MT, TEVA, M, VOD, SPY, FCAU, TLT – 17052017

Written by schattenmann

My trades of the last 5 trading days:

I sold a put on ADI, FCAU and on MT; i would be interested in these stocks from fundamental perspective.

Teva put was bought back with profit and my pending order was triggered. I bought my first stake in this stock @ 32,31.

M is crushing and my 26 put is heavy under water. Sold new ones, Stage 1 level 2+3 entries.

VOD was the perfect earnings trade and on the very next day the option was bought back with profit. I wish every earnings trade would be like this one.

TLT was bought back with profit and i re-opened a new one with new Month.

The call on the SPY was bought back with profit and i sold a new one for building up more shorts in 247 area. Volatility in different markets is going up the vix increased 33 %.

A long portfolio like mine is loosing money under these circumstances and having shrts in the SPY is reducing my losses. The only thing to follow is the plan of a traders trading plan. Still playing long according to my rules and willing to buy the first dip, which seems to start now.

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