Trading – BMY, AAL, ZS, RHI, THC – 31102016

15:01 h GMT: I had a 2 weeks of holiday and a 1 week seminar, now back. A couple of trades, especially in the last 7 trading days:

1. BMY: i like the setup and wanted to buy the stock @ 51,50. Price was below and i sold a couple of options on the underlying. 1 short put (ITM) OCT28 @51,50, price closed below and i got the stocks. Another short put (ITM) NOV18, here i have to wait, but both options brought premiums. Today i sold another call on this underlying to have a covered call in the market, DEC16 @ 55.

2. RHI: after better numbers than expected this stock made a huge down move on earnings day (in the peak about -12%). I used this move to sell a MAR 17 call @ 40,00 to have a covered call in the market.

3. ZS: We sold a JAN17 soybean future option @950 to get some premiums.

4. THC: the stock is not performing well, my entry price is 23.01 and i sold a DEC16 call @ 23 to have a covered call in the market.

Market is in a sideways range, waiting for US elections. It won´t stay there forever, next bigger move is preparing to come, time will tell. My portfolio is well balanced to both sides, let´s wait and see.

zs-31102016 bmy-31102016 rhi-31102016 thc-31102016

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