Trading BMY, RHI, QVCA, SPY, M, TEVA, AAP, EQR, EXC – 25022017

Written by schattenmann

My trades of the last 3 trading days:

RHI was excersized (covered call) and i got the stocks booked out of my protfolio with a profit.

Puts on QVCA, M, SPY, EQR, EXC were bought back with profit.

SPY was re-opened @ 209 as a covered put.

TEVA and AAP were puts, which are re-opened as continuation trades.

I reduced a lot of my long portfolio and i am cautious with writing new puts. It’s time to wait for hints and clues of the market and better volatility, time will tell.

aap-25022017 bmy-25022017 eqr-25022017 exc-25022017 m-25022017 qvca-25022017 rhi-25022017 spy-25022017 teva-25022017 trades-25022017

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