Trading BMY, STX, XLE – 04022018

Written by schattenmann

BMY and STX reached their target 1 and i closed 25 % of my initial position for profit taking. XLE was closed 100 % with 5,77 % of profit.

On Friday there was a huge selloff in the stock and bond markets. SPY, IWM, DIA, QQQ and short term and long term bonds sold off. All major stock markets made a reversal outside (bearish) bar on higher volume. Nobody knows if this first sell off will become a bear market or not.

Fortunately for us the standard traders do not know how to trade a bear market, because this bull markets is lasting nearly 10 years (which is well above average). For now nothing has changed, the long term bull market stays intact but a first warning signal definetly occured. If we will have a bear market i assume that it will be a much more heavier and faster decline than we have seen before, time will tell the story.

xle-04022018 stx-04022018 bmy-04022018 trades04022018

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