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I used the decline of BMY to add more to my position. Although the numbers came out are not “perfect”, the company is earning money and paying dividends. A P/E of 16,7 and a 3,1 % dividend yield is ok nowadays,though treasuries above 3%. May be this stock is little overvalued but i am willing to buy more, if the decline goes on.

I opened a USD/HKD long position with a small amount near the “official” level of 7,85. The HKMA wants to see the pegged currency in between 7,75-7,85 and so at first sight this seems to be a foolish trade. I do believe that there will be coming up more pressure from the currency markets and it will not end good for HKD, that is my assumption. I opened a first small position to be in and will open more if the currency goes back to 7,82 levels and if it ever comes to 7,75 i will push my chips with both feet and hands on the table. My trade has a very long time view.

GBP/CHF is near resistance and within a liquidity pool of 1,35-1,47 (yes 1200 pips) so i started this trade also on a very long term view. It is an anti carry trade which is more dangerous (i like more if my trade are on the carry side) but we do not live in a perfect world.

Stock markets are in a range and preparing the next move. I do not know which direction it will go, so i trade my portfolio according to may plan. Long stocks with some sort of hedge and i know for sure: time will tell the story.

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