Trading CZZ, WYNN, VALE, GDDY, DVN, COTY, MOS – 10052017

Written by schattenmann

I bought some shares of CZZ, a brazilian Utility Company. The forward  P/E of 5,77 seems interesting.

WYNN is in a solid uptrend and doubled from the 2015 lows, i sold a put to generate some premiums willing to take over the stocks if it comes down.

VALE has a market cap of 45 Billion USD and an interesting P/E of 7 with froward P/E of 9. I bought my first stake into this company.

GDDY is a short, the company is in a solid uptrend with high volume at the tops, which is always a signal of caution. The P/E of nearly 39 is also a sign of overvaluation.

DVN was bought back with profits, having still the 30 put in the market; the stock is also looking interesting with an 14,75 forward P/E but waiting for the hints and clues of the oil market, which will have big impact to price movements in this stock too. You can not buy everything, so maybe it is a missed opportunity not to buying this stock, time will tell.

Coty puts were bought back with profit after a giant gap up and a rally of nearly +14% after good numbers. Lucky to own the stocks here.

MOS stocks i bought as a small stake and sold a put >10 % away from actual price. The Company was beaten down heavily but insiders are stepping in. The P/B is under 1 which seems to be a buying opportunity, time will tell the complete story.

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