Trading EUR/USD, EUR/CAD – 23062018

Written by schattenmann

Last week i opened a first position in EUR/USD, it is my first bullet and more will may be follow. We are at a support area and need to watch if this one will held, a “normal” technical move would be a rise to 1,20 area or so.

EUR/CAD reached my target 1 @ 1,5480 and 50 % of the position is closed with a profit of +321 pips.

The stock market (SPY) is in a 5 months lasting trading range. We had 3 Hindenburg Omens last week, which is always a sign of caution. Market is preparing its next move and time will tell the story.

eur-cad-23062018 trades-23062018 eur-usd-16062018 trades-16062018

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