Trading FCAU, GM, TEVA – 29082017

Written by schattenmann

Last week i had only 3 trades. FCAU was bought back with profit. Teva i got assigned bad in the money options and having more (loosing) shares in my portfolio. Still in stasge 2 but in alarm modus this company regarding. There is a big shift which can bring opportunity but also fail.

It is amazing and painful (when in) how Billion USD Companies “smelt” within months. TEVA was well above 50 B USD market cap and now well below 20. From fundamental side (adjusted operating earnings and cash flow) the company seems to be very undervalued. The biggest concern here is the high debt and the challenges of price decline in the Generica business. I can not change of being in that stock, but i can manage it. I have to watch this position closely.

GM is a new option. I like this stock from fundamental and technical perspective. The Company seem to be undervalued and deserves a deeper look if it is worth to buy in.

General market is tricky like always. The bullish / bearish flag preparing the next move, but volatility silenty going up. The OEX-PCR in the last 2 weeks much above 1 (mostly) which is signaling caution on the smart money side, time will tell the complete story.

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