Trading GD, BMY, UPS, BRKB, AUDUSD, AMGN, GILD – 02122017

Written by schattenmann

I bought several momentum stocks and BRKB and UPS rewarded immediately, in both i took some partial profits and closed 25 % of my position @ or near next pivot high.

In AUD/USD i closed my remaining position with little profit, i had made my money the move before, may be will re-enter next week. All of the stocks i am trading are momentum stocks and all are paying dividends. We do not know where the market will go although the best seasonal pattern is coming now. The market is always good for a surpirse. The OEX PCR of the last trading days was mainly below 1 which is signaling that smart money is not hedging. Valuations remain ultra high so it can be a stupid game to buy the dip again and again.

I do not believe that this can last forever although central banks do everything to push prices higher and buy all debt of the world. But believings in trading are not the smart way to trade, the better one is to stick to your trading plan and to follow it unfailingly. Time will tell the story.

amgn-02122017 audusd-02122017 bmy-02122017 brkb-02122017 gd-02122017 gild-02122017 trading-02122017 ups-02122017


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