Trading JCI, OMC, KMB, F, WBA – 08102017

Written by schattenmann

A Jci short put was bought back with profit and a new one @ 36 was opened. I own the stock but want to buy more. From technical side the stock is good supported @ 36-31 area. From fundamental side the stock is fairly valued and would have a discoutn @ 36 area.

I sold a otm put on OMC. Technical and fundamentals are looking ok and being >10 % out of the money is a margin of safety to buy that stock. A blended P/E of 15,1 and a dividend of 2,9 % are not expensive from todays overvalued markets, time will tell. The debt has to be watched.

I sold a put on KMB @ 100 and the stock is currently @ 115. The stock does not seem that cheap for me @ current levels, but i would like to buy that stock @ 100, which should be a fair value price from todays fundamental views. The stock has a good support zone @ 95-107 levels from technical side. Dividend yield of 3,4 % but P/E of 18,4, time will tell.

F i decided to take profits with 50 % of my existing position. Nobody got bankrupt by realizing profits. The “old” car industries are stocks i want not to be invested in the near to mid term future. Taking profits is ok, although F is paying a dividend of 5,3 % but it is a mature business with no innovations.

Although i have a loss with TEVA in the healthcare sector i am willing to buy WBA @ 65 levels. The stock is technically good supported @ 60-70 levels and a fairly valued company @ current levels, blended P/E of 14,5 and a dividend yield of 2,2 % is not that bad.

It is amazing how bullish the markets are. Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000 and S&P 500 all closing at all time highs. Valuation becoming more and more crazy and nobody knows who is burying that stuff? We should have in mind that the market is going heavily up allthough seasonality is bearish. If the bullish seasonality beginns (Nov to Apr) what will market do then? Explose? Implode? I am trading my game plan from long term perspective but this market feels unreal and time will tell the complete story.

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