Trading, JCI, SPY, UPS – 11022018

Written by schattenmann

Last week was an exceptional trading week with volatility up more than 100 %, the Dow Jones Industrial rollercoaster (first down 1000 points than up 800 point within 8 Minutes!) and a lot of turmoil in some volatility products like XIV.

I closed JCI with a small profit and bought more UPS. My Hedge (SPY short) which i carry for 1,5 years now was worth and helped me to survive the last week with a net profit. I closed 10 % of my SPY shorts and will follow my tradingplan unfaillingly. I identified my “holding forever” positions in my portfolio and will cut the rest of my long holdings out if we get a bear market. We do not have a bear market, it is just a correction but the personality of that correction is somehow “strange”. Nobody knows what will happen next. Being prepared weeks and months ago and knowing his actions is not that bad. Time will tell the story.

jci-11022018 spy-11022018 trades-11022018 ups-11022018

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