Trading Juno, ABT, THC, SPY – 13122016

Written by schattenmann

15:11 h GMT : Yesterday i sold another call on Juno, it is very probably to get the 20 call stocks assigned, therefore i am preparing the covered call in the market. Today the THC 20 call option was bought back with a profit, but still in trouble with the THC position. Still having a 15 put in the market which can be assigned in January. I will wait for next week to get other Options priced in for THC, do not want to sell more calls with May 17 expirating. The healthcare stocks are my most challenging positions.

At the end of the week i will have my first short position in SPY (215 call will assigned), therefore i am selling higher calls (235) to scale in more.

ABT was a new trade, i sold the Feb’17 puts @ 36, the pattern is looking ok, time will tell.

Tomorrow the FOMC minutes will be released, so higher vola to come.

abt-1312206-1 juno-1312206-1 spy-1312206-1 thc-1312206-1 trades-1312206-1

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