Trading M, CSCO, SPY, IMO, AAP, HAL, CVS, UPS, GWW, IBM, QCOM, INFY – 19082017

Written by schattenmann

My Trades of the last 2 weeks:

I am challenged with 3 loosing positions AAP, TEVA and M, all are within my parameters, but loosing positions for now. One wisdom a trader never should forget is: Take care of your losers because the winners take care of themself. I made this my own and i am acting like this, that is the good part.

The bad part is it having loosing positions and is there anything a trader can do against that? No there is no way to do against losers (they are part of the game) but there is a certain way to manage your losers according to your tradingplan and to defend the only entry card you need to play this game: money, your own money. This is the job we have as traders.

I got several Options assigned in M, one Option in AAP and having another Option ITM and ATM in TEVA. The highest probably of all of these positions is, that i am and will be in losing positions in all of them, but having the shares. If my hard stop rule (money) is met, i just have to kill them and go to next. Until then i have to manage them best and do all to minimize losses. I did so and sold covered positions in AAP and M and will do more next week.

I sold a new put on CSCO at the same price levels where CSCO was a couple months ago. Fundamentally the stock is not bad and i see some technical support within the wide range of 21-27 area. I would like to buy a stake in that quality stock at those levels.

I got IMO assigned and although it is a small loss (entry 29,15 because of premiums) i feel confortable with that position. Numbers are getting better, margins grow, losses shrink. The main shareholder of this Company is XOM and they are giants. The oil prices wont stay that low for always, although it can go lower for a short period of time.

HAL is another Company i buy in the Oil & Gas Sector. It is my first stake and more will follow may be. I sold a put @ 30 and got assigned @ 42,5. Forward P/E below the average index but not that much Dividend, time will tell.

UPS i took some profits but holding some stocks and still interested to buy more @ 95 levels.

QCOM i like form technical and fundamental analysis. I would like to buy this stock @ 45 area or something in between. Sold new put @ 45 and will watch market reaction.

GWW and IBM i bought the stocks both. I see solid companies with good earnings and IBM is in a downtrend now and i am buying into weakness from fundamental perspective. Technically there is support 110-135 area. GWW is also a solid company with good earnings and technical support @ 130-163 area, time will tell.

INFY is sold with a little profit. INFY is not fulfilling my fundamental criterias anymore so i decided to cut this stock off with a little profit.

The general stock market is weakening, at least for me. I think we can see it both in the SPY and IWM. IWM as a broader market is showing relative weakness to the SPY.

I reduced my options to 25 (coming from over 90 a couple of months ago) and reduced my stocks to under 40, coming from the 60ies. If the market goes down i want to reduce my stocks to 13-25 but quality only, like UPS, GWW, IBM etc.

We live in strage times when seeing Barcelona, Berlin, Tuku and so on. The terrible war in Syria seems to end but new (trade) war begins… We humans are not normal, but the machines are made by us… Market is very nervous, the vix jumped over 30% just because market went down 1-2%. The machines will make the next move and we humans have to trade it. Still staying hedged with SPY short but with a long stock portfolio.

Good luck with your trading.

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