Trading STT, MCK, IBM, WHR – 23112018

Written by schattenmann

My trading was very quiet in the last couple of weeks, the main reason for that was that the overall market was trading (drifting) slightly higher without giving any chance to open new stock positions. I mentioned it over and over again that the stock market was way overvalued and i sticked with my long portfolio with some sort of hedges (SPY short) and waited, there was nothing more to do.

After September 2018 (the potentially worst month in the trading universe) volatility increased and market made some dives to south. Interestingly the VIX increased from under ten to over 21 within a couple of weeks signalling much more stress in the market.

I used the dives to add to NLSN, MCK, STT, IBM and to open a new position in WHR. IBM and NLSN have dividen yields above 5 % and the dividends seem to be sustainable. WHR and MCK are looking undervalued. I do belive that this market will have more volatility with diving more especially in the first quarter 2019 but at the end of day only time will tell the complete story.



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