Trading NLSN, QCOM, CHF/JPY, AUD/CHF, GIS, USO – 18032018

Written by schattenmann

I closed my QCOM position with a profit, i do not want being involved in the takeover with Broadcom. Overall i made money with this position, i will hold better tech stocks like CSCO and others in my portfolio which are not in a takeover(war)  process.

I added first stakes in NLSN and GIS to my portfolio. GIS seems to be fairly valued and NLSN undervalued.

I closed my short trip to the FX universe by closing CHF/JPY with a loss of -9 pips and with a profit of +44 pips in AUD/CHF.

I shorted USO for two reasons: Backwardation and the coming (weak) seasonality between April and August, time will tell.

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