Trading SPY, BIIB, GILD, BMY, UPS, WHR, M, WFT, COTY, SPG, THC, F, VZ, T, COF, AUD/USD – 01052017

Written by schattenmann

21:25 h GMT: In the SPY some options were bought back with profit and i re-opened new ones, covered puts with another short call waiting at 244, that’s for my hedge.

BIIB, GILD, BMY, WHR, F were bought back with profit.

BIIB i re-opened and VZ is an adding to an existing position.

I bought some stocks in BMY, GILD and UPS and i sold a put on UPS as well.

COTY, T, COF and AUD/USD are new trades, M a renewal of a trade i am trading since weeks.

The most important trade in this period was the close of my worst losing position, THC and i realized a portfolio loss of -0,63 %. Allthough the pattern i am trading is not broken, it is time to say good bye to this losing position and the importance of closing way below the max allowed hard stop (-2%) is ok. Market is preparing its new move and allthough i added some longs today i am still good hedged but staying long. The OEX PCR in the last two days of last week was above 2 and one day near 4, which is a little sign that the big boys are hedging. We do not know what will happen next, nobody without insights knows. The only chance to survive is to play your own trading plan, time will tell.

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