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22:16 h GMT: My trades between 31.03. and today:

MSI, NVO, QVCA, UNG, SPG, DVN were bought back with profit.

My SPY 212 put was bought back and i re-opened a new one to generate premiums. It is a covered put on the SPY having now options on 49 different (mostly) stocks in my long protfolio. My net position is and stays long, but i will act cautious by building up new long positions. My margin is defensive and i will wait for more hints and clues of the market like today. Today we have to note that positive futures and first half of positive US trading was sold off in the last trading session.  Market is closing red.

Market is making new noise within the range of 231-240 and faking or wrong footing most traders. Most traders lose within trading ranges, we should act like professionals and understand that market is doing its job and preparing the next move. To which side? I don’t know, i am hedged to the short side with net exposure to the long side. The only choice i have is to follow my trading plan. Time will tell the story.

ung-05042017 trades-last7d spy-05042017 spg-05042017 qvca-05042017 msi-05042017

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