Trading TEVA, KR, QCOM, UNG, K, THC, SPG, RL, DG, LVS – 18032017

Written by schattenmann

15:27 h GMT: My trades between 07th and 17th March:

I sold another put option on TEVA @ 27,5 Jun17. The stock showed some reaction @ 30 levels and this is a continuation trade.

I sold an additional put on KR @ 25 Jul17. The stock is testing the lows @ 28 levles where it showed some reaction. My 27,5 put is under water but not ITM, let’s wait and see.

QCOM, UNG, RL, DG, LVS were bought back with profit.

I sold an additional put on THC @ 15 which stays my most challenging position for now, Stage 2 and Level 2 entry.

I also sold an additional put on SPG @ 140 which seems to me a good entry point in this stock, if the actual level breaks. SPG is may be making a double bottom or to prepare the break through to the southside.

SPY still @ ATH levels, steep upmove but looking some “toppish” on the weekly chart, at least in a small trading range of the last 3 weeks. Nobody knows where market is going and will go. But the meeassured move to 2400 is completed and a retracement to somewhere 2250 or so would not break the uptrend and let steam out. I am prepared by having some shorts and short calls on the SPY allthough my portfolio is still a long one. I am not adding a lot of puts to my portfolio and keep waiting for hints and clues of the market. Allthough a lot of players never will understand this, the market is giving such hints and clues, we need the passion to wait and follow our plan, time will tell the complete story.

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