Trading Teva, M, KR, TGT, WFM, EWW, WFT – 19062017

Written by schattenmann

My trades of the last week:

I am invested in Teva and would accumulate more shares if this stock declines more. The 22,5 put option was bought back with profit and i re-opened this one with October expiration.

M was assigned due to options expiration with a price @ 26, having more options @ 19-23 level in the market.

WFM was bought back with profit on the day where Amazon announced to buy that Company. TGT and KR where smashed down and it was really scary to see that KR lost in the peak more than 15 % in a single day. I sold more options on both unfailingly following my trading plan. These are the hardest moments for every trader if a stock of yours gapping down in such scary ways, but it is part of the game.

WFT was assigned @ 5 and i am under water with this stock. I must confess i am not happy with that stock, especially with the fundamental data. The stock is highly correlated to the oil price due to the nature of its business, but other fundamentals looking unhealthy. My entry price incl. my options premium is 4,86 and allthough i am far away from my hard stop price i will watch this stock very closely and make a final decision.

EWW was a covered call. I got the sotck assigned @ 45 and out of the books @ 50 plus a lot of premium for the options i traded, all good.

I am trading my long portfolio with my hedges on the SPY and waiting for other hints and clues of the market, time will tell.

eww-19062017 kr-19062017 m-19062017 teva-19062017 tgt-19062017 trades13-17062017 wfm-19062017 wft-19062017

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