Trading THC, SPY, LYB, TSO, DO – 01112016

21:11 h GMT: I closed the THC DEC16 call with a profit and sold a JAN17 call @23  to stick to my covered call. The decline was strong today, escorted with high volume and i took out some of my positions.

1. Close DO @ 16.72 with a profit of 0,19 R

2. Close LYB @ 78,21 with a profit of 0,04 R

3. Close a small portion of my SPY shorts with a profit of 0,02

4. Close TSO @ 83,17 with a profit of 0,48 R

I wanted to reduce my exposure to each side and will wait for a decision of the market. Still holding my SPY shorts and a couple of good and bad stock positions. Today VIX rose above 20 but closed below @ 18,56. Planning to sell some puts on the stocks i closed today.  Some type of action is coming in, time will tell the story.

do-01112016 es-01112016 lyb-01112016 thc-01112016 tso-01112016

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