Trading THC, SPY; TLT, JUNO, QCOM – 27032017

Written by schattenmann

17:45 h GMT: I had some trades between 20th of March and today.

The call on THC was bought back with profits. I am still under water in this position and the call was a covered one. I do not re-open a covered call on this position and will wait for market reaction. The stock is trading since Nov16 in a range between 15-22 USD and it won’t last there forever. My entry price is 23,01 but i made a couple of trades with options and could realize some premiums, let’s wait and see.

My SPY call @ 245 was bought back with profit and i re-opened a new one with Jun17 expiration, either to earn some premiums or to get more shorts @ ATHs.

TLT was bought back with profit and i am waiting for hints and clues from the bond market. The IVR on TLT is low and will wait and monitor the bond markets. For now i am out of bonds.

The stock and options on Juno were both closed and i realized some small profits with this stock.

Today i opened a new short put @ 50 on QCOM with Jun17 expiration. The earnings are in 23 days and the IVR was 52 when opened this position.

At all there is some nervousness in the markets and futures are opening more often in red (like today). Last week we had the first red outside bar in the SPY since weeks with some increase in volume. Nobody knows where market will go but we recognize a higher OEX PCR in the last 2-3 weeks, time will tell the story.

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