Trading TSN, AUD, TEVA, ESRX, XOM, TEVA, VZ – 10062017

Written by schattenmann

My trades of the last week:

I bought more AUD as a position trade on the one side and for Currency allocation on the other side. Having EUR as my main Currency, USD as the second and AUD as the third one.

TSN, TEVA, ESRX, XOM and VZ were bought back with profits.

I re-opened a short put on TEVA; i own these stocks and would like to buy more, if they come to 25 level, time will tell.

aud.usd-10062017 esrx-10062017 teva-10062017 trades-10062017 tsn-10062017 vz-10062017 xom-10062017

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