Trading TSN, GE, GIS, F, MOS, OXY, CSCO, CPB, IBM, PFE – 26112017

Written by schattenmann

My subconscious warned me again to write my trading journal, so this one is for the last 2 trading weeks. Generally i write it once a week and i am happy that my subconscious is reminding me.

I sold 25 % of my TSN to take some profits. The momentum of that stock is good so i will buy more, if the stock retraces and sell if next targets will be reached.

I sold another put on GE, this is a loosing position for right now and the dividend cut has caused some eratic moves. I will watch this stock closesly and cut it away if necessary.

GIS, PFE and CSCO options were bought back with profits. F and OXY i took out with profits, MOS with a small loss, but reducing my long exposure. I bought a new stake in CPB, which was clearly overvalued in 06-2016 but seems to be fairly valued now. 3% dividend yield is a good number for todays valuations, time will tell.

IBM i bought a second stake and will take out some if it comes to the 158-160 area. The stock has momentum to the upside and seems to be little undervalued.  The SPY and QQQ are looking very bullish and closing both at ATHs. I keeep a long portfolio with some hedging in the SPY (shorts) and reducing my “worse” longs. I won’t fight the trend but will watch to buy only momentum stocks with clear signals and let the rest alone, time will tell the story.

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