Trading under extraordinary circumstances – IBM – 12032020

Written by schattenmann

I own IBM since 2018 and bought at an average price of 136. I was quite confident to make a “good deal” which proves to be wrong at the moment. I still believe that this company is a quality one because of its fundamentals.


The company traded constantly under normal P/E of 15 but as you can see above the dividends increased in a very good manner. If they do not cut their dividends the yield for now is close to 6% which is not a bad number.

Under these circumstances the company lost more than 11 % of market value today.


The company seems to be healthy enought to pay its dividends from operating cash flow if the analysts are right. Of course we are in unknown territory, nobody can tell the exact impacts of corona to the global economy and how it will impact IBM


I added to this position today @ 104,24 and have invested approx 85 % of the portion i am willing to invest in this single stock. Time will tell the story.





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