Trading under extraordinary circumstances – MMM – 12032020

Written by schattenmann

3M was a company which was too expensive for me to buy in recent years. No doubt: that is a high quality company which is a market leader in its business with excellent credit rating of A+ and 58 % longterm debt to capital. Investors were paying a bonus in terms of valuation because that stock traded clearly over 15 P/E (2018 at 27 P/E).



I bought MMM @ 147,31 which was too expensive after the sharp move of today.


In such extraordinary circumstances there is no right or wrong to buy. Of course you have to make your homework and make your valuations. This company is a quality one and i bought more today @ 134,12 (just 2 days later).


I have no idea if i am right with this stock and it is definetly not a trade, it is an investment for the long run. In Dollar amnounts i am now invested with 60 % with the portion i am willing to invest in this stock and have more room to buy more of this company, which i will definetly do at the next cluster of 100 USD.


The company has enough free cahs flow to pay dividends if analysts are right. With the corona crisis nothing is sure and nobody can make educated analysis how corona will impact the world’s economy. That it will is for sure.



Like always, time will tell the story.








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