Trading UNG, COTY, INFY, DVN, WFM, QCOM, TM, EXC, F, OXY, TSN – 08052017

Written by schattenmann

19:08h GMT: My trades between 2nd of May and today:

UNG, QCOM were bought back with profits. In QCOM i took a little stake and bought some shares.

I also bought the shares of COTY, INFY, TM, F, OXY and TSN as a Stage 1, level 1 entry. In TSN which gapped down a lot today i sold also a put as well as DVN which was an adding to an existing position.

WFM, EXC are new puts.

Market is flat now and still near all time highs. A lot of traders get grilled in these sideways / range bound trading. Market is in the range of 231-240 (SPY) since end of February and preparing its next move. Nobody knows what will happen next, the only thing we can do is to trade our trading plan and sticking to our rules. I am still long with some sort of hedging (SPY short) and will wait for the next hints and clues the market will give us, time will tell.

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