Trading UPS, GE, T, IBM, MET – 07012018

Written by schattenmann

In the last week of 2017 UPS and T put options were bought back with profit. I own the UPS stock and would be interested to buy more @ 100 levels. For now i won’t sell more options because the premiums are not high enough but will watch the stock.

My GE option was assigned @ 22 and my average price is now 23,34, which means that this is a loosing position for now. I have more puts @ 16 levels and no stock owner likes to get dividend cuts, but in the case of GE it was the right decision. This is a value trade and we will see the further improvements of that company if it will come back to the right path. Although in loss this position is far away of being critical for now but will stay on review.

IBM met my target 1 ansd i took some partial profits out and closed 25 %. I would like to buy more @ 140 levels but the stock is turning to the upside which is also a good move for me.

The MET option was bought back and next week i will sell more options. MET is at least fairly valued and i would be interested to buy this stock @ 40-45 levels, time will tell.

The general market is starting very bullish the new year. SPY, QQQ, DIA closed all at lupe clean new highs, the Russell 2000 (IWM) is @ resistance level but near ATH. Never fight the trend! These moves are not making sense from fundamental perspective but they are intact. Nobody knows what will happen next, so i am trading my long portfolio with some sort of hedges and wait for more hints and clues of the market.

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