Trading UPS, KR, STX, GE, AAP, HAL, CAH, MET, CSCO, GIS, JO – 23092017

Written by schattenmann

UPS, Met and CSCO where bought back with profit and i re-opened all three again. I like all  of them from fundamental and technical side, so the plan is to take the shares if they drop to my option levels. I still own CSCO and UPS and would like to add MET.

I sold a covered call on AAP for the premium and to reduce my losses in that position. I bought more KR because this stock seems to be undervalued. Although the sector is facing the “amazoning” challenge, the compnay is still profitable, doing efforts for the turnaround and is paying steady dividends.

HAL i closed with pennies of a loss but still profitable because of the premiums i earned. I don’t like this stock from fundamental side, if in doubt get out.

CAH i like from both sides. Some fundamentals are good, the company is paying dividends and seem to be little undervalued.

I bought some STX and sold an option on that stock. The blended P/E of 8,3, dividend yield of 7,5 % and other ratios looking interesting. The debt of the company should be watched too.

I bougtht some GE and sold an option. GE seems to be fairly valued now and is paying a steady dividend.

GIS is coming to a fair value area where i am interested in this stock. I sold an option @ 47,5 and would like to buy at those levels. This stock is on my watchlist to buy if the price retraces a little more.

I closed JO with little profit, calling it a breakeven trade. I am out of Coffee now although it is looking ok. I want to concentrate myself on quality stocks which is the main reason by closing commmoditites out.

The general market (SPY) is closing near ATHs (again) and the dreaded September crash did not occured for now. Nobody knows what will happen next, time will tell the story.

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