Trading USD/JPY, CAD/CHF – 14042018

Written by schattenmann

Last week i had only 2 trades: I reduced my USD/JPY position but i am still long this pair. If this pair declines more i will probably buy more USD and short JPY. The position was closed with +19 pips but these numbers are not my goal when trading currencies.

Moreover the CAD/CHF is reflecting my trading style in the currency market. My taregt 1 was reached and i realized +268 pips of profit and closed 50 % of my position. If it goes up i am planning to realize @ 78 levels my target 2. That level is a good place to turn the position and go short (probably 0,78-0,79 levels). Of course we have to check market correlations and circumstances but generally it would be good place to turn. If this pair goes back to 0,7420 levels or so i may be add to this position, time will tell the story.

trades14042018 usdjpy14042018 cadchf14042018

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