Trading USDJPY, GBPCHF, CHFJPY – 18052018

Written by schattenmann

I closed my position in USD/JPY @ 110,73 with a profit of +420 pips. I am a little annoyed about my self because i have reduced my position during a couple of days of sideways whipsaw moves. As experienced traders we should not let us wiping out, but it occurs some times. It was not necessary but i did it. Anyway i am grateful to stayed in the move because it brought a decent profit. My position was too small to take the half so i have taken my profit out and opened CHF/JPY long as a new position. USD/JPY is now near resistance but we never know.

USD/JPY daily chart


CHF was weak in the last weeks but this won last forever. I see some strenghtening signs of CHF (like CADCHF looking toppish) and my GBP/CHF trade reached today target 1 @ 1,3449. I took the first half out and i opened CHF/JPY long @ 110,59. USD/CHF is near resistance and may be also worth to watch for a short.

GBP/CHF daily chart


CHF/JPY daily chart

Stock markets are still in the range of 285-255 but looking more bullish right now. No special activities of the smart money in the OEX-PCR. I am holding my long portfolio with some sort of hedges, time will tell the story.

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