Trading XLU, ESRX, SPY, TLT, HAIN, SPG, FDX, ADBE – 12.12.2016

Written by schattenmann

18:18 h GMT: A couple of Trades on Friday last week and today:

  1. XLU was bought back with a profit.
  2. ESRX is a new position. I sold a Jan’17 put @ 65
  3. SPY @ 208 was bought back with a profit, a new one @ 212 is opened. At the end of week, i will get the 215 calls assigned, so that i will have a short position in the market. Hedging my other bullish trades seems ok, although the position will be in net loss. Will write more calls and puts to scale in or to get out with a profit.
  4. HAIN was bought back with a profit.
  5. FDX & ADBE are mid term income trades and both APR’17 160/90 put options. Either i get the premiums or the shares.

Wednesday are FOMC meetings, Friday is expiration day. We should expect more vola this week, time will tell.

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